Tosohatchee Trails

With the wonderful change in weather conditions, it seems like a good time to get out and enjoy a hike in Tosohatchee WMA. With the recent rains, hiking can be a challenge at times in this area, but my hope was that conditions would be acceptable. The scheduled bow hunt finished up last weekend and it seemed a good time to get out before black powder season starts.

Well… the conditions are not bad, but individuals wanting to get back on the trails (especially the mixed use service access ones) can expect to trek through ankle high to calf high standing water. The mosquitos are also out in force, so loose fitting clothing or a lot of deet is in order (be sure to bring some to reapply to your legs after wading through water).

The main roads into the area are well maintained and Fish Hole road was no longer closed at Flowing Well trail as it was during bow season. I did not travel on the road all the way to Lake Charlie, but from what I could tell, it appeared to be open. Powerline road is good to Fish Hole and not bad up to the wooden bridge though pretty bumpy for those with low clearance vehicles.

All in all, for those wanting to get out and enjoy nature with some beautiful weather, now is a good time to put this area on your "to do" list.


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